Alt Tags And Title Tags Optimization With Semalt

The reason why people choose to include images in a text is to strengthen the message contained in them and attract people to read it. Frank Abagnale, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that you should Always remember to add alt attributes to the images you are going to place. Alt and title tags enhance the text enough for search engine spiders to crawl them to increase your visibility. The alt tag summarizes everything you see in an image in words.

Alt Tags and Title Tags

Alt and title tags are not technically tags and only inform of the content and function of the image on that page. Screen readers also rely on the alt tags to describe to the blind and visually impaired people what the image is all about.

Thus, all images must contain alt tags. They do not only build your SEO but also help the visually impaired people to understand the use of the image in the post. Title attributes are not a must-have in the articles, but they can prove beneficial in some cases. However, leaving them out would not hurt your article.

People that use images to increase the visual appeal of a post alone should stop doing so. The reason is that they should be in the CSS and not in the HTML articles. If there is no way that you change the images, use a null attribute, which leaves the description empty. If the screen readers come across such an image alt tag, they will just skip it.

Alt Text and SEO

Google insists that its users should create alt texts for their images since it places a lot of value on them. For example, according to the Yoast SEO content analysis, you must have at least one image with an alt tag that focuses on a keyword or phrase which will increase the quality of your article. However, even as users do so, they should not spam the keyword into all alt tags. The alt and title tags that contain the keywords should go hand in hand with high-quality and related images.

If there is a keyword that can help people find content on the image, remember to include it in the alt text.

Alt and Title Attributes in WordPress

Another place where you can use alt and title tags is in the images that one uploads on their WordPress posts. WordPress assigns the title tag as the default alt tag if the owner forgets to attach one to his/her images. It copies the title text from the title description and pastes it in the alt tag attribute. It is better than having an empty alt attribute, but it's still weak in improving the accessibility of your site.

Take the time to create an informative alt tag and include it in your image posts. The WordPress interface can allow you to manually add an alt text by clicking on the image and select edit.

The only way that image SEO can benefit your article and subsequent posts is if you get the tiny details right. Furthermore, you will not be leaving out the visually impaired people from your content.